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As you travel through the fine state of Ohio, chances are that you'll have the opportunity to travel through Pickaway County. Located just south of the state capital, Columbus, Pickaway County is primarily an agricultural community with 53,000 residents. Circleville is the county seat with 13,500 residents.

Founded in 1810, Pickaway originates from the work "piqua" which is a native word meaning "risen from ashes." Home to mainly the Shawnee Indian tribe, Pickaway County is rich in Native American history and many Indian burial mounds can still be located throughout the county.

As the county evolved over the course of 200 years, one of the mainstays of our community is agriculture. Boasting a healthy 502 acres in Pickaway County, 288 of that can still be found as preserved farmland. Many families in our county claim farming as their primary occupation as well as their primary source of income. Pickaway County is changing with the times in improvements in yields, planting methods and contributions to the food and fuel economy of our state.

Another major component of the success of Pickaway County is our industrial base. We are home to DuPont, General Electric, Georgia Pacific, PPG as well as a few smaller plastic manufacturers who supply to automotive plants throughout the Midwest. We have many entrepreneurs from privately-owned shoe stores and clothing boutiques, to realtors and construction contractors, a host of doctors and lawyers and one of the finest health care facilities in the state.

Some in Pickaway County refer to our community as the "Pick of Ohio" and it is clear to see why. We have a strong, solid infrastructure to offer to business contemplating a move to Pickaway County; an educated, loyal workforce, plenty of land to build that dream house and a solid educational system in place to raise children to be educated, successful adults.

In closing, I can't say enough about a community that I call home. I grew up here and plan on raising my children here. The residents are warm and welcoming, the stores still offer that old, hometown atmosphere and personal attention to their customers. And, we are close to a large metropolitan area that boasts all the offerings of such, yet we can still spend a quiet, safe afternoon taking a hike around Hargus Lake.

Amy Elsea
Pickaway County Chamber of Commerce

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